Inking a Block by Sandow Birk

Watch a short video of Kamehameha High School interns Alea Keomaka and Alyssa Ross assisting HuiPress Head Printer Casey Neumann in the inking of one of the large woodblocks from Sandow Birk's Depravities of War, pulished by HuiPress in 2007. The blocks are carved in 4 x 8 foot sheets of birch plywood. The printing is on large sheets of Japanese handmade Sekishu paper which has been seemed together specially for the project. Katherine Godwin Assists HuiPress Director Paul Mullowney and Casey Neumann in laying down the paper prior to printing.

The impression is printed by hand with ball bearing barens from Japan. Samuel Carr-Prindle assists Casey Neumann, as a relaxed Sandow Birk looks on.

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